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Morgan_ChristensenKMS Family Bulletin

Greetings KMS families,

The 2017-18 school year has officially come to an end! I hope you are able to find time this summer to be with family and friends and are able to take advantage of the wonderful weather ahead of us. I appreciate your continued support this year and helping make Kennedy a great school. Although, this is my last bulletin until September, I will be sending emails as needed throughout the summer followed by a back to school newsletter in August. Once school begins, I will continue with bulletin updates throughout the year. In the meantime, below are several things for your review.

Have an amazing summer!


Dates and Events

September 3            Labor Day
September 5            Classes Begin (Grade 6)
September 6            Classes Begin (Grades 7 - 8)

In the Know

Kennedy Middle School Hours
9:00am – 3:35pm MTWTH
9:00am – 2:25pm F

School Schedule Changing Next Year

Eugene School District 4J is changing to a consistent calendar and standard schedules for all schools to provide enough instruction time for students, fair and equal learning time at all schools, and consistent schedules for families.

The standard schedules now have been decided, after input from families and staff this spring.

Next year the middle school schedule will be 9:00–3:35 Monday through Thursday, and 9:00–2:35 on Fridays, to provide time for staff collaboration and professional development. (Our current schedule is 9:00am – 3:25pm)

We know changes in school schedules mean changes for your family schedules. We hope that having this information now, before the end of the school year, will help you plan ahead.

For more information, see

El Horario Escolar Cambiará el Año que Viene 

El Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J está cambiando su calendario y horario a unos más consistentes y estándar en todas las escuelas para proporcionar a los estudiantes suficiente tiempo de instrucción, tiempo de aprendizaje equitativo y equivalente en todas las escuelas, y horarios consistentes para las familias.

El distrito escolar ha decidido los horarios estándar, después de considerar los comentarios de las familias y el personal esta primavera.

El próximo año nuestro horario para las escuelas secundarias será 9:00–3:35 de lunes a jueves, y 9:00–2:35 el viernes, para proveer tiempo para la colaboración y el desarrollo profesional de los maestros. (Nuestro horario actual es 9:00am – 3:25pm)

Sabemos que los cambios en los horarios escolares significan cambios para los horarios de su familia. Esperamos que el tener esta información ahora, antes del fin de año, le ayudará a planificar para el futuro.

Para obtener más información, visite

Additional information about our new standard school schedules for next year is available on our district website at:

The working link to a printable one-page schedule grid is:

If you prefer a visual, quick-look format, see:


2018-19 Bell Schedule:We will be having a new bell schedule next year. As you may recall, all middles schools will be using the same start and end times. Below is our schedule.

Monday -Thursday Schedule
Advisory                                                     9:00 to 9:23
Period 1                                                      9:27 to 10:20
Period 2                                                     10:24 to 11:17
1st Lunch                                                    11:17 to 11:47
Period 3 (for 1st lunch students)          11:51 to 12:44
Period 3 (for 2nd lunch students)        11:21 to 12:14
2nd Lunch                                                 12:14 to 12:44
Period 4                                                    12:48 to 1:41
Period 5                                                     1:45 to 2:38
Period 6                                                     2:42 to 3:35

Friday Schedule
Period 1                                                   9:00 to 9:51
Period 2                                                   9:55 to 10:41
1st Lunch                                                10:41 to 11:15
Period 3 (for 1st lunch)                        11:19 to 12:05
Period 3 (for 2nd lunch)                      10:45 to 11:31
2nd Lunch                                              11:31 to 12:05
Period 4                                                 12:09 to 12:55
Period 5                                                 12:59 to 1:45
Period 6                                                   1:49 to 2:35


Mentor Coordinator Needed: The Eugene Middle School Lunchtime Mentor Program, which pairs caring, responsible adults in the community with middle schoolers who need extra support, seeks a mentor coordinator at Kennedy Middle School for the 2018-19 school year. The coordinator position is volunteer and takes about 2-4 hours a week. Coordinators must be able to commit to being at KMS one day a week (currently Wednesdays) during lunch periods and must be organized, caring, and responsible. There is some additional work from home via computer as well as interaction with the school’s educational skills specialist. Training is provided and the coordinator must pass a criminal background check. If you are interested, please contact Anne at


Summer Office Hours
June 19th – 28th,  9:00 - 12:00  and 1:00 - 3:00 (office opens with modified hours
June 29th - August 10th closed
August 15th, 8:00 - 4:00 (office opens with regular hours)


Start of Class
September 5th, (6th grade only)
September 6th, (All grades)


District Calendar

·       Middle & High School Calendar 2018–19

First Trimester (55 days for MS, 57 days for HS)
High School Registration Day — check with your school
Aug. 28 (Tu) Teachers Report for Duty
Sept. 3 (M) Labor Day
Sept. 4 (Tu) Ninth Grade Orientation Day
Sept. 5 (W) Classes Begin (Grades 6, 9–12)
Sept. 6 (Th) Classes Begin (Grades 7–8)
Oct. 11 (Th) No School — Progress Reports/Professional Development Day
Oct. 12 (F) No School — Statewide In-Service Day
Nov. 8 (Th) No School (Middle School Only) — Parent Conferences
Nov. 9 (F) No School — Professional Development Day
Nov. 12 (M) No School — Veterans Day
Nov. 22–23 (Th–F) No School — Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 3 (M) No School — Grading Day
Second Trimester (58 days)
Dec. 4 (Tu) Second Trimester Begins
Dec. 24–Jan. 4 (M–F) No School — Winter Break 
Jan. 7 (M) No School — Professional Development/Planning Day
Jan. 21 (M) No School — Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
Feb. 1 (F) No School — Progress Reports/Professional Development Day
Feb. 18 (M) *No School — Presidents Day (Possible Hazardous Weather Makeup Day)
Mar. 14 (Th) No School — Grading Day
Mar. 15 (F) No School — Professional Development/Planning Day
Third Trimester (57 days)
Mar. 18 (M) Third Trimester Begins
Mar. 25–29 (M–F) No School — Spring Break
May 3 (F) No School — Progress Reports/Professional Development Day
May 27 (M) No School — Memorial Day 
June 13 (Th) *Possible Last Day for Students (Full Day)
(if no hazardous weather makeup days needed)
June 14 (F) *Grading Day/Possible Last Day for Teachers
(if no hazardous weather makeup days needed)
June 17–19 and beyond *Possible Hazardous Weather Makeup Days

*Snow Days: Please be aware that the final school day may change. If any school days are missed due to hazardous weather (“snow days”), they will be made up on Presidents Day or on days added at the end of the school year.

Instructional calendar approved by the Eugene School Board on April 4, 2018.



High School Orientation Day—Tues., Sept. 4

Dear eighth grade families,

We welcome you and your student to high school next fall! This is an exciting time and an important transition.

A Ninth Grade Orientation and Transition Day will be held on Tuesday, September 4, 8:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. This is a half-day for new high school students the day before regular classes begin.

Ninth grade is an essential year for students. We know from research and experience that the transition to high school is a critical event in our students’ lives, and that preparing for this transition builds vital relationships and connections that support high school success.

Please plan for your student to attend the Ninth Grade Orientation and Transition Day on September 4 to get a strong start to their high school experience. Students will find their classes, meet their teachers, and have other transition activities.  They will meet 12th grade mentors as well as new ninth grade friends, and learn about the opportunities for connections to their new learning community.

School buses will run their regular routes to high schools that morning to provide transportation for bus-riding students.

Have a great summer! Thank you for planning to have your student attend this important event. Your school will send more information in August.

​​​​​​​Eugene School District 4J | 541-790-7700


Día de orientación de noveno grado, 4 de septiembre

Queridas familias del octavo grado, ¡le damos la bienvenida a usted y a su estudiante a la escuela preparatoria para el próximo otoño! Este es un momento emocionante y una transición importante.

El día de orientación y transición de noveno grado se llevará a cabo el martes, 4 de septiembre, de 8:30 a.m. a 12:30 p.m., un día antes de que comiencen las clases regulares. Este es un medio día para los nuevos estudiantes de preparatoria.

El noveno grado es un año esencial para los estudiantes. Sabemos por medio de estudios y experiencia que la transición a la escuela preparatoria es un acontecimiento crítico en la vida de nuestros estudiantes, y que la preparación para esta transición construye relaciones vitales y conexiones que apoyan el éxito en la escuela preparatoria.

Por favor asegúrese que su estudiante asista al día de orientación y transición del noveno grado el 4 de septiembre para que tenga un buen comienzo hacia su experiencia en la preparatoria. Los estudiantes conocerán a sus maestros, sus salones, y tendrán otras actividades de transición.  Ellos también conocerán a los mentores del grado 12, así como a nuevos amigos en el noveno grado al tiempo que aprenden acerca de las oportunidades para conectarse a su nueva comunidad de aprendizaje.

Los autobuses escolares correrán sus rutas regulares a las escuelas preparatorias esa mañana para proveer transporte a los estudiantes que usualmente van en el autobús.

¡Les deseamos que tengan un buen verano! Gracias por planear que su estudiante atienda a este evento tan importante. Su escuela le mandará más información en agosto.

​​​​​​​Distrito Escolar de Eugene 4J
Eugene School District 4J | 541-790-7700


 Yellow Jacket Traps: 4J Facilities management is planning on using plastic yellow jacket traps this summer at your school. They are being deployed to limit the ground nesting yellow jacket nest size and frequency in and around our schools. They will be hung in trees above 8 ft. They are the common bright yellow and green plastic models. They will be removed starting Oct. 1 st.

Here is some explanation of how the traps work. The trap uses an attractant called Heptyl butrate. Technically, it is not an insecticide, because it does not kill the insect. It is only an attractant. It does have a slight odor. A half teaspoon is dripped onto a cotton ball, and left in the bottom of the trap, in a snap sealed plastic ball. The Heptyl butrate comes in two concentrations; one for two weeks, and the other for 4 weeks. The top is filled with soapy water.The trap works by attracting the yellow jacket into either the top soapy water, where it drowns. Or, it dehydrates in the lower air chamber, which it flies into, but cannot get out of. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to give me a call.

Matt Cornwell
Safety Specialist
4J School District
Eugene, Or 97402


School Contact information
Kennedy Middle School
2200 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene, OR 97405
(541) 790-5500 Fax: (541) 790-5505

School Schedule
8:00am - 4:00pm Office hours
9:00am - 3:25pm Instructional School hours
8:00am - 3:45pm Supervision hours

8:00am Student center is open for early arrivals
8:30am Cafeteria is open for breakfast
Front office is open for students
8:45am Locker bays are open for students

See teacher syllabus for office hours.

Morgan Christensen
Principal | Kennedy Middle School | 541-790-5500

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