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4J Bus Routes

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To be eligible to ride a bus, a secondary student MUST reside one and one-half miles or more from school. All students should arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled load time.

Bus Stops: Bus-riding students are assigned a stop based on where they live. Students must use their assigned stop unless they have written permission from a parent or guardian and the school to do otherwise. Other students may be allowed to ride the bus under certain circumstances; parents should call the 4J Transportation Department at  541.790.7474.

Registration: Bus-riding students must register during their first week of riding the bus. Registration is important for several reasons, but most notably so that the driver may become acquainted with students riding his or her bus.

Bus Safety

All students who ride the school bus receive training on how to behave in the bus, how to cross the road when a bus has its safety lights on, where to find emergency equipment, and how to evacuate a bus in an emergency. Schools also train other students on basic school bus safety when they ride the school bus on field trips or other activities.

For more information on bus safety, or for a copy of bus safety rules and evacuation procedures, call the 4J Transportation Department at  541-790-7474.

Bus Rules


The following are rules and regulations established by the State of Oregon and School District 4J for students riding school buses. These rules also apply to student conduct at all bus stops.

bus_icon  Pupils being transported are under the authority of the bus driver.

redbus_icon Fighting, wrestling, or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus.

bus_icon Pupils shall use the emergency door only in case of emergency.

redbus_icon Pupils shall be on time for the bus both morning and afternoon.

bus_icon Pupils shall not bring animals, firearms, weapons, or other potentially dangerous/hazardous material on the bus.

redbus_icon Pupils shall remain seated while the bus is in motion.

bus_icon Pupils may be assigned seats by the bus driver.

redbus_icon When necessary to cross the road, pupils shall cross in front of the bus or as instructed by the bus driver.

bus_icon Pupils shall not extend their hands, arms, or heads out the bus windows.

redbus_icon Pupils shall have written permission to leave the bus other than at home or at school.

bus_icon Pupils shall converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language is prohibited.

redbus_icon Pupils shall not open or close windows without permission of the driver.

bus_icon Pupils shall keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it.

redbus_icon Pupils shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow pupils and passersby.

bus_icon Pupils who refuse to promptly obey the directions of the driver, or refuse to obey regulations, may forfeit their privilege to ride on buses.

redbus_icon  Rules governing pupils riding school buses must be kept in a conspicuous place in all buses.

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