Attendance Policy

Verification of absence: An excused absence must be verified by the parent or school authority responsible for the absence. Families have 48 hours, or two school days, after the student’s return to request that an absence be excused. The following are typically accepted reasons for absences:

  • Student illness, health condition, or medical appointment including but not limited to medical, counseling, dental, or optometry. Administrators may ask for documentation from a medical provider regarding an appointment, illness, or health condition.
  • Family emergency, including but not limited to a death or illness in the family
  • Court proceeding

Prearranged Absences: Absences for religious or cultural purpose including observance of a religiðus or cultural holiday or participation in religious or cultural instruction; and post-secondary, technical school or apprenticeship program visitation or scholarship interview may be excused if a prearranged absence form has been submitted and approved. Vacations are not customarily considered as excused absences.

Make-up Work: Student may be permitted to make up missed assignments outside of class under reasonable conditions and time limits established by the teacher.

School sponsored activities: Students are excused to participate in Athletic events, classroom/club field trips, performing arts festivals and performancês. If students have chronic absences, tardies, and/or have failing grades, the student may not be able to participate in the school sponsored activity. This decision will be determined by the administration.

Truancy: Oregon Revised Statute 339.065 states “Eight unexcused one-half day absences, or four absences in any four week period during which school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance.” A student may be excused from attendance by the school board for a period not to exceed five days in a term of three months, or not to exceed 10 days in any term of at least six months. Any such excuse is to be in writing, directed to the school principal. ORS 339.065 In such cases, an administrator will meet with parents. Severe cases may be referred to the county truancy officer.

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