TAG Program


TAG: Enrichment Courses

Services:   At Kennedy Middle School, our goal is to provide services that will meet the diverse needs of our students. Students identified as TAG receive instruction at their rate and level. Instruction may include enrichment, acceleration, independent study or curriculum compacting.

TAG Identification Criteria:  The State of Oregon TAG mandate requires identification of both intellectually gifted and academically talented students. Academically talented is defined as a student who can demonstrate the ability to consistently perform at or above the 97th percentile on standardized achievement tests in reading and/or mathematics. Intellectually gifted is defined as a student who exhibits the ability to reason and use information in unusual ways. These students score at or above the 97th percentile on tests of intellectual ability. The State of Oregon has established guidelines for TAG identification and eligibility. These include multiple assessment measures in order to provide the most appropriate services that will allow students to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities.

Middle School TAG Programs

All middle schools are required to have a written Building TAG Plan.  This plan describes the methods that are in place at the school to meet the needs of TAG and other Highly Capable students.  Within the plan, schools outline their efforts to make sure that all teachers know who is TAG-identified in their classroom.  The plan also outlines specific school-based actions for providing services to TAG students, professional development to staff, and communication to parents.  Copies of this plan are available upon request.

* Parents have an opportunity for input to and discussion of the programs and services their child will receive.

Parent-Teacher conferences are the best time to discuss TAG Services. Regardless of a student’s grade or level, parents and students can request a TAG Instructional plan when needed.

Students at middle and high school have a variety of options for core content classes and electives. Often, a student’s TAG needs are met by being placed in one or more of these classes. If you feel your student’s needs are not being met you may request a TAG plan from a specific teacher or teachers.  Download the Instructional Plan Request Grades 6-12  (Instructional Plan Request Spanish) form and return it your school TAG Coordinator. The teacher(s) will contact you to set up a meeting to discuss the plan.

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