Student Drop Off/Pick Up


Vehicle Drop Off and Pick Up

Dropping-off and/or picking-up students in the one-way Bus Zone area during 8:20am to 8:45pm and/or during 3:20pm to 3:45pm creates an unsafe situation for our students. Dropping off and/or picking up students in the Bus Zone increases traffic congestion in front of the school and limits bus mobility.

Students being dropped off and/or picked up from school are to do so in the west parking lot. The west parking lot overlooks the west edge of the Churchill High School fields and the Churchill community garden. We also ask that you avoid using the driveway off Bailey Hill that leads to the east parking lot. Thank you in advance for helping to ensure the safety of our students and using the west parking lot.


Walking Drop Off and Pick Up

Families that walk to and/or from school with students should consider a meeting place for after school. In front of the school is a typical place for families to meet with students and to wish them well for the day.