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Student Attire


The responsibility for dress and grooming of a student rests primarily with the student and his/her parents or guardians. A student’s dress or grooming should not affect participation in school classes, programs, or other school-related activities, except as provided below.

Student Dress and Grooming  

Student dress and grooming shall be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety practices. Because of health and safety considerations, students are required to wear shoes while on school property or while participating in school-sponsored activities that may occur off school property.

When a student is participating in the educational program or a school sponsored activity, dress and grooming will not substantially disrupt the activity or constitute a threat to the health and safety of the student or others. Provisions for dress and grooming for special activities should arise directly out of the needs of the activity.

Clothing with Vulgar and Plainly Offensive, Obscene, or Sexually Explicit References, or Illicit Drug References  

Clothing with illicit drug or alcohol messages, or encourages the use of illicit drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited. Clothing with vulgar and plainly offensive, obscene, or sexually explicit references, graphics or comments is also prohibited.

In the event a student is in violation of our dress and appearance standard, he/she will be asked to go to the office to call home for appropriate clothing. If possible, the student may use office “loaner” clothing for the day. This standard is in effect for all school events including: Activity Nights, socials, athletic games, and field trips.

The following is prohibited at school or at school-related activities: No student shall wear or display clothing or other objects that are commonly considered evidence of membership or affiliation with any gang if it disrupts or is likely to cause a substantial disruption or material interference with school and school activities.