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TAGTAG: Enrichment Courses

Youth Enrichment and Talented and Gifted Programs offered by the UO College of Education. At Kennedy Middle School, our goal is to provide services that will meet the diverse needs of our students. Students identified as TAG receive instruction at their rate and level. Instruction may include enrichment, acceleration, independent study or curriculum compacting.

TAG Identification Criteria: The State of Oregon TAG mandate requires identification of both intellectually gifted and academically talented students. Academically talented is defined as a student who can demonstrate the ability to consistently perform at or above the 97th percentile on standardized achievement tests in reading and/or mathematics. Intellectually gifted is defined as a student who exhibits the ability to reason and use information in unusual ways. These students score at or above the 97th percentile on tests of intellectual ability. The State of Oregon has established guidelines for TAG identification and eligibility. These include multiple assessment measures in order to provide the most appropriate services that will allow students to achieve at levels commensurate with their abilities.

Activity Nights and Socials

Various dates | Kennedy holds one or two fun-filled Activity Nights per semester. These events are planned with the entire student body in mind. Sometimes we have afternoon “socials,” typically scheduled for the last hour and a half of a regular school day. Activities may include games and contests in the cafeteria, as well as a dance in the large gym, and basketball in the small gym.

Parent chaperones are always needed and appreciated. Please call our office at 541.790.5500 if you’re interested in helping.

If a student has a Student Body Card, she or he can get a discount on Activity Nights, which usually cost $3.00-$5.00.

Earth Day Celebration

April | Our Earth Day Celebration is an opportunity to get outside and do a bit of Earth stewardship. Our 8th grade band takes their instruments outside to serenade students, who do a terrific job of picking up trash and recycling bottles around both Kennedy and Churchill High School throughout the day.

Talent Show

Fall | Kennedy Middle School possesses many talented students who can sing, dance, play various instruments, and write poetry. For this reason, we have a yearly talent show in the spring to give these students an opportunity to share their amazing gifts with our community. Start looking for more information after Winter Break.

Family Fitness Night

It’s Ur Life is a class offered to 7th graders that combines health, nutrition and physical fitness. This class is taught by two teachers and the students get two days learning about health and nutrition and then two days learning about the importance of fitness through physical activity. This is a semester long class and at the end we have a Family Fitness Night for our student, their families, and our community. This night offers a chance for students and families to come together and learn about the importance of a healthy life style. We offer taste testing of different foods and snacks, how to read nutrition labels, calorie intake, choose my plate activities, a fitness station to find target heart rates, and nutritious diet tips and recipes. Families will also be able to walk around and hear mini-presentations created by the students about various health and fitness topics.

International Day

February  | On International Day, we host approximately 20 University of Oregon student presenters from countries around the globe. Presenters share their culture with our students. Many of our visitors are part of a UO Program called International Cultural Student Presenters, while others are volunteers from the community.

Solar Challenge

June | Every June our 6th graders get the opportunity to plan and build solar-powered cars for the Annual Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) Solar Challenge. Selected cars compete in the district-wide event. Cars compete in one of two categories: speed or concept/design. More than 500 students from the district attend this event. The program provides teachers with electric car kits that teach kids about building a car for speed and power. All students use standardized solar electric panels and motor components, but unlimited ingenuity and creativity are encouraged in construction.

Family Math Night

This popular annual event, hosted by Kennedy’s famous math team, encourages families to have fun exploring math together. There are games, activities, snacks, prizes and homework passes. The festivities usually begin at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria and continue until 7:00 pm. This is always a great evening that you won’t want to miss.

Student Leadership

This is a club that meets once a week before school and is involved in many of the activities that happen at Kennedy Middle School. Last year the club put together 20 full thanksgiving meals, including a turkey with all the sides. These meals were given to families in our Kennedy community. In December, the club created a Giving Tree and collected over 100 gifts and helped make the holidays a little brighter for over 25 families in our community. This club also puts on our Martin Luther King Jr., Earth Day, International Day, and Talent Show.

This is a great way for young people to invest in something that is bigger themselves and learn the importance of leadership and giving back in order to make their community a better place to live.

Community Garden Project

Kennedy students assist in the Churchill Community Garden. The garden, which is located just down the hill from KMS, serves a dual purpose. Not only is it a place for community members to grow produce and flowers, but the garden is also an official growing site of Food For Lane County. The produce grown in the garden is given to community members without access to fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.