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School Overview


Grades: 6-8
Enrollment: 338
Neighborhood Elementary Schools: McCornack, Twin Oaks
High School Region: Churchill
School Colors: Red and black

School Hours: School doors open at 8:00am and close at 4:00pm

Mission Statement

Our vision: To provide a safe, respectful and caring environment where individuals are encouraged and empowered to fulfill their potential as engaged and responsible participants in a culturally diverse world.

Program Description

Kennedy’s program promotes community outreach and involvement for students, preparing them for a world beyond the school walls.

Students become involved in serving others through our Student Leadership Program. Specialized programs and activities that develop students’ unique talents and interests are available through the band programs, yearbook publication, leadership program, garden club, catering class, talent show, track and Earth Day programs. Recognition for student achievement and success occurs through the PRIDE Program, Multicultural Awards, and Knights of Honor.

School Highlights

Recognizing excellence and effort:  Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort (PRIDE), Student Leadership, Pride Tickets Rewards Program, Multicultural Awards, 6th Grade Awards and Kennedy Knights of Honor

Celebrating diversity: Multicultural Club, Latino Family Nights, 6th grade Explore Language, Martin Luther King Assembly

Strong academic support programs: Reading and math intervention/support programs, regional learning center, homework clubs, mentoring, tutoring and academic coaching (including the Read to Program) and a strong behavioral support program.

Explore classes: Band (beginning, intermediate and advanced),  PE, aerobic strength training, health, technology education, catering, textile arts, marine science, outdoor science and more

School Improvement Goals

School Culture.  In order to support student achievement, increase time on task by all students and maximize instructional opportunities, Kennedy will continue to develop a school culture that focuses on positive behavior supports, reduces referrals, and ensures all students feel safe.

Language Arts/Reading Achievement:   By June 2017, 100% of Kennedy Middle School Students will meet or exceed the SBAC test in Reading.

Mathematics Achievement:  By June 2017: 100% of all KMS students will meet their math target score as indicated by SBAC.