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Health Services


Counseling Services

Kennedy’s counselor can help students and parents in the following areas: individual and group counseling, student schedules, and academic advising. To see the counselor, please sign up in the office. Parents can call  541.790.5500  for an appointment.

Medications at School

There are times when it’s advisable for your middle school student to carry his/her own medication and 4J policy does allow for this. Here’s how it works, along with our guidelines:

Medication consent forms are available in the front office.

  • Students may carry an inhaler or any other emergency prescription medication with written consent of both a parent and administrator.
  • Written consent from both a parent and an administrator is needed if a student is to carry and self-administer one day’s dose of non-controlled prescription medication (an antibiotic to be taken with lunch, for example). However, so-called ‘controlled’ medications such as Ritalin may not be self-administered.

All controlled medications, including those taken on a regular basis during the school day, are kept locked in the office. Parents are required to fill out a form authorizing the school to administer medication to their student. Medication must be in its original bottle with the label intact.

If you know that your student occasionally gets headaches, dental pain (from having braces adjusted, for example), a stomach ache or allergy symptoms, you may bring non-prescription medication (Tylenol, cough drops, etc.) in its original container to be kept in the office. Simply fill out a medication form, and authorized staff will be able to administer the specified dose to your student.

Students should never share their medications.