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Core Classes

textbooksWe, our students, staff, parents and community members, partner together to provide a learning environment we can all be proud of. Here at Kennedy Middle School we believe all students need a strong foundation in basic academic skills.

Curiosity, eagerness to learn, capability for self-direction, self-confidence to persevere, the ability to create and make good decisions are equally essential to the learning process we value at Kennedy. We strive to provide an education which carefully balances academic, social, physical and aesthetic growth.

Kennedy Middle School is a strong and outstanding school, one that encourages and nurtures all students to do their best.

Language Arts

Language Arts focuses on reading and writing as an interrelated process in which the student is both a creator and critic of human expression in a variety of forms.


Math emphasizes thinking, reasoning, understanding and communicating mathematical applications, and it deemphasizes rote memorization of procedures.


Science engages students as active participants in the scientific processes of observing, classifying, estimating, predicting, collecting, measuring, hypothesizing and generalizing in order to allow students to construct their own understanding of events as opposed to textbook explanations.

Social Studies

Social Studies exposes students to world history, geography and cultures.